Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Blog

Okay then, we're one week in, and we've finally gotten round to setting up the blog. This post is mainly just to let concerned parents know that we're ok (hi Mum!), and to give anyone who wants to read an idea of how the year has started.
The flight
Was, as anticipated, a bit rubbish. This is an extract from my deranged scribblings, approaching my 35th hour without sleep:
  "It's about 3 hours until touchdown in Auckland, and I have run out of batteries, books, foreign films and fingernails. Penny has finally abandoned her green face/blue lips/ purple eyelids colour scheme which was totally clashing with her top, and is back to rocking pasty white & raynaud's. We have been wawshing when we can; but our clothes are saving our progress, and we have gradually become a multi-medium, pan-sensual airborne filth experience.
  Brunei was 12 hours in a booze-free duty-free. Perilously low on chemical sedatives, we took a tour.
  We now know that Bruneian Architecture consists primarily of 1. Put a dome on it. 2. Put some gold on the dome. If not happy with the result, return to step 1.
  The food, however, was a religious experience, if your chosen deity has more eyes than sense, and more tentacles than that. The dish was a refreshing fruit salad-based dessert, featuring juicy pineapple, crisp cucumber, tangy orange, earthy turnip and raw cuttlefish chunks, finished with crushed nuts and lashings of rich chocolate prawn gravy."



  1. Kia ora to you both.

    Julia here (currently in New Plymouth). I am in Auckland next week for three days.
    Will forward your link to Callan and Millie.
    Lots of love.

  2. Hey Penny and Doug, I hope I've done everything I need to get onto this thing! We think of you often and hope you are having a good time. We are well and as busy as ever. The weather is definitely Autumn now. I will want to hibernate soon. Lots of love Rosie and Gdad.

  3. Hi Doug and Penny
    I'm only just getting the hang of this thing, and words keep skittering off into oblivion where I can't find them !!!! We were most amused by Doug's account of your colour schemes after enduring 35 hours without sleep so do hope you're back to recognisable pink/fawn/grey!!!! AND have made up on your sleep loss, and can start enjoying NZs fabulous countryside Love Mary and Ian xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. How funny is that Doug. Julia here sitting here in UK on Nans PC - just spoken to your mum.

    Photos look lovely, obviously warmer in Whangarai than in Wellington!

    Your mum tells me you are both picking tomatoes - whereabouts are you know?

    Will that bus make to Wellington one day!!! xx